Love Story's a great film! It was one of my all time favourites as a kid (which maybe tells you more than you need to know about my formative years....) But it's got Everything a teenage girl needs. SHE's so skinny - and her clothes are great. And SHE gets all the good lines. And they overcome Parental Disapproval to MARRY. Gosh. And She Dies Young (and even skinnier!!). When They Have Their Whole Life in Front of Them.... what's not to like??? Pass the hankies.

Chiz, and if you are going to get cancer, this Hollywood cancer has got to be the best one to catch. No chemotherapy, no hair loss, no amputations, no post surgery scars. Not an intrathecal or trachetomy in sight. Ali McGraw never sufferred from constipation and huge farts as the laxatives took hold. I don't see her bloated with steroids, or twitching in a foetal position as the diamorphine wears off.

Not even a death rattle as she faded out of "Preppy's" life, with the commode and mouth swabs tastefully out of sight.

I need to get this film onto my LoveFilm wish list fast. W and I could do with a good laugh.