So on Sunday when I was sat down and talked through some very likely, and very bad outcomes, the one bit of hope offerred from June the hospice nurse was that "sometimes the young can bounce back for a wee while".

And we do indeed have a bounce...

After a night in quarantine, a battery of tests, and samples taken to check for c-difficile or other complications, it's..well it's as if someone has switched on the lights again.

The cherub and I got to the hospice last night to find W sitting up in bed bantering with the nurse. Since lunchtime he'd had two visitors, been texting and receiving calls, been out of bed, albeit attached to a drip, and when we arrived was joking about the pipe band music wafting down the corridor.

He has no memory at all of Sunday, tremors, stomach upsets, semi consciousness and my trying to wake him. Being manhandled downstairs and into my car never happened.

As of today he is free to leave the hospice on day release again. So here we are - back where we started Friday night.

We're not on a "journey", we're on a bl**dy roundabout.