Macy : "Hi. Just bringing back the Nigel Slater.. and do you have the Natural Death Handbook?"

Librarian :" Oh I love Nigel too... lovely recipes. The Natural...?? have you had a look at the Health and Living section?"

Macy "Mmmm.. couldn't find it"

Librarian [going on computer] OK let's have a look. The Natural Deaf ... what was it?

Macy: "The natural DEATH"
Librarian: "The Natural Death??
Macy: Uh huh
Librarian: "The... Natural...Death... handbook was it?"
Macy: "Yes - the handbook"
Librarian: Oh... oh look, they've got one down at central.... will I reserve it for you?"
Macy: "Could you please? And when's it likely to arrive?"

Librarian "Oh.. are you needing it in a hurry??"

Macy: "No, no, we're probably OK for another couple of weeks yet."