It's a bit like planning a surprise party really - umm except it's a funeral...

(And yes, yes , yes, I know what you're thinking - NO Macy, don't go there!!! There are some subjects which are NOT SUITABLE FOR BLOGGING. Well tough. I've used the "F" word already, so bear with me or return later)

So as I was saying, it's a bit like planning a surprise party, except there are two very key differences.
1. Party boy does know that the planning is ongoing (yes W is still with us, but Nurse Linda and I like to PLAN THINGS).
2. We do have to allow that the guest of honour is unlikely to see the great event itself - though of course you never can tell...

Anyhoots, like many good ideas, it all started with a discussion of money. And went from there to value for money... and the more I thought about it, the more stupid a conventional funeral seemed. W has worn only one suit in his entire life - this was bought from a thrift shop for a wedding, and was worn as a joke. It doesn't seem right, therefore, that he now be carried off by four hired men in suits.
Also W has never done anything by the book, has never subscribed to any religion, and it seems right that his funeral be about HIM. He has a lot of friends who are going to want to see the job done right.

Current planning is, therefore, a woodside burial, cardboard coffin, transport in Sparkle's people carrier and a ceilidh afterward. His fellow beer drinker for the past 20 years, El Rocky, will give the address.

It's now my job to check which details party boy wants to approve beforehand - is he happy with a carboard box? Would he want us to draw on it? Would he like a wake? Is there anyone he wants BARRED?

So many details, so little time...