Still not clear if this experiment is working. But then a weekly listing of things to be grateful for in the belief that it could increase levels of happiness and stamina can't hurt - can it?

So, this week in no particular order we have:-

  1. There were TWO money off vouchers inside Ned's dog food, not one... £1 sterling, instead of the ten shillings promised.. HA!
  2. We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty which also happens to be very conveniently located near a Poundland. Entirely possible that there is no better shop yet. Everything's a pound! DUR. Check out the bangles - Missoni inspired and £1 for three, yes not £1 each, but £1 for all three of them. Read it and weep oh ye outside of Cheesetown.
  3. I have a voicemail from a recruitment consultant who wants to talk to me. It's entirely possible I won't phone at all, but just listen to the message "Macy, I'm extremely interested in your CV..." endlessly...
  4. Being redundant means ever getting that Monday morning feeling.
  5. The sun is out over Lothian. Repeat THE SUN IS OUT.