Being realistic and all, redundancy did come at a good time - what with me (a) not liking the job, the boss, the company, or the whole financial services industry and (b) wanting time to spend a LOT more time with W and Cherub over the next month or two.

Plan A was, therefore, to unwind, live FRUGALLY, help W out for however long we have, and generally wait for the recession to end sometime next Spring.

Because they'll need to know where to find me next Spring, I sent my CV out to a couple of recruitment agencies, specifying job type and location, and making clear I HAVE NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER IN COLLECTIVE INVESTMENT VEHICLES OF ANY KIND.



No way.

Not playing.

Guess what?

Salaries in the financial services industry have Got Better in the past couple of years. I am having job specs run past me where the money is extremely good...b*gg@r. I am also being reminded that my CV suits only the FS.

Plan A - or Plan B; Frugality or Flash! Double glazing AND a decent holiday over Christmas for the Cherub??

Suppose these are the last jobs going ..... ? Suppose I can never find work outside the FS????