Today's "Reasons to be Cheerful" list is going to be restricted to one HUGE reason to be grateful. Maggies Centres Don't take my word for it, go see the website and see how fantastic and supportive they are. Maggie's : Welcome to Maggie's

9 months ago I'd never heard of them either. It was Nurse Linda who suggested I go in and see what support there was for the cherub and myself. Now at the time W wasn't talking to me. Communication was via short sharp texts only. And since I was the ex partner, I didn't see what the hell I was meant to be doing looking for "support". Anyhoots, feeling like a major Drama Queen, I slunk in under the guise of "looking for support for the cherub".

And they were lovely.
Did anyone say "Um hello... you don't actually have cancer Ms Macy..."
Or "What the hell are you doing being so upset about someone you finished with five years ago?"
Was there anyone on a reception desk sucking her teeth and booking me an appointment for five weeks hence?

Nope. Nope and No.

I was sat down immediately with a lovely counsellor person, who supplied coffee and tissues, and listened, and reassured me it was completely OK to feel as though I'd been dropped down a deep well. Once I'd sniffled my semi-coherrent way through the main points, she got the Cherub enrolled on the next kids open day, and arranged for me to join the weekly friends and family support group.

And because of my meetings with Maggies I've been able to reach out to W, and apologise, and help myself through helping him.

And because of all the support we've both been getting there, we're spending some last quality time along with the Cherub.

And I can't thank them enough