Dear Sirs
Yesterday the Saturday Grauniad gave away a full size copy of the "Jackie Magazine" from Feb 1975! Fantastic! and to think I let my mother throw away three years' worth of this magazine back in the 1980's!
And there I was emoting through the Cathy and Claire problem page, and snickering at the letters to the Editor and the Beauty Doc, when it hit me:

There Is a Gap in the Magazine Market.

Think on it. Back in my teens there was the Jackie. I had years of advice on a weekly basis on how to deal with spots, kiss boys, get dates, and cope with rejection when I had only daydreams of David Cassidy to console me.
Moving on through my late teens and twenties, Cosmo and Marie Claire kept me informed as to how to get the sex life, job, and any man I wanted all through correct Power Dressing.
For weddings there's Scottish Bride, Brides Today, etc etc etc For pregnancy and after there's Practical Parenting, Mum and Baby, Cherubs Today yada yada yada.
For every big life event, I've had years and years of forewarning through nice trashy magazines.

So where's the advice on Death and Palliative Care when you need it? Strikes me there's some great articles and features to be written:-

  • Christmas - The Cruelest Month. We look at alternatives to staying home over that first festive season.
  • Burial Places - New Ideas from the Natural Death Society
  • Funeral Dressing -Can there ever be an alternative to Black?
  • Non Resuscitation Orders - Breaking the news to your loved one
  • The Drugs Don't Work - Limits to Prozac's effectiveness. Homeopathic alternatives
  • Celebrity Report - We look at Farrah Fawcett's last resting place

You want more? I can riff on this for ages. By all means bulk up magazines like Red or Psychologies with articles on palliative care and stress. Add a feature on garden burial to Homes and Gardens. Just do something. Because right now I feel like I'm drifting into uncharted territory.

Thank You