More and more it feels like I'm abandoning W when I leave him alone in his flat for the night. All I can do is make sure he's settled into his recliner with a DVD in the machine, a phone within reach, water and drugs to hand and old Jock dog in charge on the sofa.
Big hugs are out of the question with terminal 4 bone cancer (it hurts too much), and I'm sticking to some received theory about being upbeat with the patient. No Tears. Ever.
I leave sharpish.

Likewise W also avoids amateur dramatics whenever possible, but he did call out last night as I was leaving:-

"Macy, you've been a been a star as always. Thanks for everything"

"...Yeah, well you know me - I'm only doing this for the KARMA. I'm needing a major karma reversal or something these days"

"Don't worry. Come Easter I'm going to be sending you down all the karma I can"

"{deep breath} Yeah? Big Karma? The kind of karma that gets you a good job and everything?"

"The biggest there is"

Thanks toots.