W has gone back to his own flat. He needed to simply because he cannot manage the stairs in my house. Also because he needs some peace within his own space in the time that he has left.

Last night he was getting no peace though. Excluding himself there were eleven adults crammed into his living room and seven kids bouncing off the walls.

We had all been called to a meeting by Nurse Linda (who is certainly exhibiting Management Skills these days). W's biggest problem right now seems to be that he has more volunteer helpers than he has jobs for them to do. Everyone desperately wants to be able to do something. A rota will stop a traffic jam at his door.

For the next two weeks, therefore, we have identified dog walkers, cooks, cleaners, taxi drivers, and odd job men. Whilst other specialists, such as myself, will practice their general chat-and hanging-around-in-the-morning skills.

W of course is feeling in need of less help rather than more, but as Nurse Linda put it "It's a case of him helping us; we have to do something".