Conde Nast have been in touch. Unfortunately not to take me up on my earlier suggestions for a new magazine...

No, but the next best thing - they want to know my opinions!


Nothing I love more than giving my opinions. I am a market researcher's dream.
This evening they want to know my opinion on watches and jewellery... why? how has my name come up on their survey database???

Whatever, since completing their survey means I might win a holiday..... I have answered very honestly, that I am female, I am professional ( well the ICAEW wants its subscription fees again...) and that yes I own four watches, and yes I buy myself jewellery.

So far so good.

From the jewellers which they list (Asprey, Bulgari, Cartier, Channel, De Beers, Gucci, Tiffany, Van Arpel et al), I select those I think of as good quality, and those I would like to own (Tiffany and Boodles if anyone's wondering....).

I indicate that my last jewellery purchase was for myself, in the past three months, and that yes, I do have an engagement ring.

No my purchase was not influenced by celebrity endorsement nor an item which I saw in a magazine.

But my last jewellery purchase cost £4.99 from Acessorize.

Before that I spent £3 on bangles from Poundstretcher...

Survey people, you haven't allowed me to indicate anywhere that I am currently on carers allowance! All I can do is hint this, through indicating that I will be spending less £100 per month on jewellery ...

I gave them some more hints. On marital status I ticked "widowed"; my annual household income is shown as being under £35,000 this year..... and I showed myself as reading the Guardian more than four times per week.

All of which will still let some Conde Nast Executive go off to Tiffany to enthuse about how they are reaching professional female Guardian readers who are active purchasers of jewellery.

Unless the Gruaniad suddenly starts carrying ads for expensive jewellers