Next week is SORTED. The cherub and I are off to Amsterdam.
Yup, we like it there, and the kid needs a break. I'll worry about the cost later. Right now we're headed off on a BMI flight which cost £1.04 out and a whole £3.64 back. HA!

We're going to stay at the Hotel Filosoof, where we always go, and we're going to cycle around the place all the time, stopping off at the places the cherub loves like the Aquarium (which is the best aquarium in the WORLD. The fish are HUGE), and the resistance museum, and the science museum. If he's lucky we'll go to the theme park at Efteling. If he's unlucky and it pours with rain, or Efteling's closed, we're going to CoBrA and the Van Gogh museum.

Either way we're definitely going to the Worst Chinese Restaurant in the World, which is hilarious (we found it last time we were there), and having a rijsttaffel at our favourite Indonesian...separate nights obviously.

The cherub hasn't been this stoked since, well since last Christmas basically.

And we're taking the guide book W gave me back in August. Back then he'd started the Great Giveaway. Everything he had, had to be found a home with someone. DVDs were getting bundled up and handed over, and books sorted. The aquarium had to be moved to its new home, not after.. now... E was to get the music centre, Cherub would get the camera...I had to take the moroccan blanket and big mirror, and he was constantly deciding where his furniture would look best at mine.

By September it was getting embarrassing.

The guide book was the first of his giveaways. He was still offhand at that stage. "Here, you and the cherub enjoy Amsterdam don't you? I got this through a Guardian offer, I'm not going to need it."

As if we wouldn't be remembering him while we there anyway.