I clocked the photo on Sparkle's wall last night. It's a good one, Sparkle and her three kids plus dog, in the snow. Sparkle and kids sledging downhill; everyone looking and laughing at whoever is taking the photo. The dog in pursuit.
Lots of white snow, and coloured ski clothes.****

Love your photo was it... Yes - W took it. It's great isn't it? That was last February, up behind the hospice at Fairmilehead.

That was last February. Possibly three weeks after the failed surgery to remove his lung. After a diagnosis, but before everything else.

Last February he could walk uphill through the snow. There was no pain; it was pre-chemo. He was out taking photos. Not one of the people in the photo, nor the man taking the photo had any idea of what was coming.

The two of us looking at it last night knew with hindsight though.

***Obviously Sparkle's photo is still on her wall. This isn't the photo in question.