The cherub and I made it to Amsterdam, finally. After a 5am start from Cheesetown, through turbulence over the North Sea and a slightly bumpy landing at Schiphol. By 7pm we were at an Indonesian restaurant.

You'll need to make allowances for some of my conversations with Cherub. I have no idea how you take a kid through a bereavement, so I'm just making it up as I go along.

Me: You know, sometimes I still can't believe that your dad's dead. It just seems so final. Like he just went on ahead there, big world traveller that he was and Did This Thing.
Cherub: Yeah. Now and again I think that too.

Me: But you know, it's funny; today on the plane when it was really bumpy, I wasn't scared at all.
Cherub:No me neither

Me: It's as if, well if the worst happened...whatever... you know...he'd be there anyway.
Cherub:Yeah. We'd see him again.

Me: Yeah. Well it looks like I've got over my fear of flying then....