Being a (mainly) rationalistic and slightly cynical type of person normally, I am AWARE that there is the danger of falling into the trap of Magical Thinking; especially now, when I am in a wee bit of an emotional state.

Magical thinking is endowing objects with more power or meaning than they actually have. It's a belief in spirits manipulating the physical world. Alternatively it can be read as a projection of mental states onto the external world.

Joan Didion had a whole year of it after her husband died- apparently.

Not me. Sentimental, yes; irrational no.

So just because I keep finding coins in the strangest places - on the ground at the garage forecourt, inside one of my welly boots, and at the bottom of a waste paper bin; means only that I and others like me are careless with small change and £ coins ...

The rose flowering in the garden in November, means only that we've been having a mild autumn, and I planted that rose bush late in the year. It is not relevant that it is directly under the window of the room W died in.

And the beautiful sunsets we've been having over Cheesetown lately would, obviously have happened regardless of when W died.

So in a supremely rational thought mode, I can recognise that I am attributing meaning against inanimate objects, recognise that this is irrational, but enjoy it; because I like the thought of W sending down the Karma.

It's my new rational magical thinking therapy.