Sometimes he just couldn't be bothered. Endless, endless patience with kids, a real interest in and concern for the adults with learning difficulties he worked with all his life, but no time at all for time-wasters and the small minded. None.

Unfortunately he put his social worker in that bracket.

There was never going to be a meeting of minds between W and his social worker.

Wee Mary, I could see as being great with the elderly palliative care cases. The cases that needed lots and lots of slow talking from a very respectable looking middle-aged woman. But W? Nope, nope, noppety no. There would have been a personality clash if W could have been bothered clashing, and if Wee Mary, well if Wee Mary had a personality. Sorry but true.

Today Wee Mary phoned to check how the cherub and myself were doing - and I remembered the last time we met. Wee Mary, the cherub, W and I were at the hospice having a "family" session, when W suddenly just manoeuvred himself out of his chair, got his walking stick, and started hobbling slowly towards the door. No further ado. No comment. He was off.

"Oh...oh... well em if you're tired W, we can just carry on" said Wee Mary, who had been in mid-flow as to the notice periods needed for personal care services.
W couldn't turn round anyway, but half raised his stick and left.

I got out that meeting as quickly as I could. I was worried about W taking another turn for the worse; though if I was honest, I was more worried about the cherub falling into a coma with boredom while we discussed W's ongoing care support, or me having to stick pins in my eyes to stay awake.

The cherub and I got back to W's ward, to find the patient, NOT in any deep sleep, NOT in any more pain but sitting up in bed listening to his MP3 player and reading the Guardian.

Are you OK? What's up?? Is it your back hurting again?

Naw naw, just couldn't listen to her anymore.


{Big grin}. Had a good meeting then?

Today Wee Mary was phoning to let me know she was available if the cherub or I needed someone to talk to... urm....well some of my memories she might not appreciate.