Sorry...If you are the man in the kilt and dinner jacket, who was jumping back into the big silver '09 Mercedes parked outside Tesco yesterday evening. Or, if you are the woman who was with this man; the woman in full evening dress, red shawl and Big Earrings: sorry.

It was me who was GLARING at you.

I know, I know. It's not my problem is it? Just because you're parked in a disabled parking bay outside the shop despite quite obviously being fit and fighting....So what if I never used these bays, at least on those times when it was only me going to the shop whilst my own disabled badgeholder, W, was waiting in the car. More mug me, huh? Thinking other people would be more in need of them.

And you guys were obviously just popping in to buy cigarettes or something..

So what if driving W made me appreciate these places, without which he could not have made it into shops. That was my misfortune to have gone through it... and your good luck that you haven't.

You keep on being dead chuffed with yourselves that you've got the nerve to park there why don't you?

Sorry, sorry, oops ranting again, tsk .. what I meant to say was SORRY, how could I have been so selfish and thoughtless glaring at you like that? Don't know what got into me.