Too early to write this post I know, because the list of names below is only going to grow in the next couple of days.

Big thanks to Margaret, the Marie Curie nurse who sat with W through his last two nights. Who READ aloud to him during the night, who helped lay out the body and who was so supportive to me and cherub.

Big thanks to the Queensferry rent a mob, who are currently organising the funeral, and doing the dirty work like registering the death and meeting with the undertakers for me. Paul, Linda, Sarah, John, Nigel you know who you all are.

Huge thanks to PETAL who insists on continuing to walk Ned twice a day to give me more time. She's a national treasure.

SPARKLE has built a cairn at the spot on the beach where we last took W, and SENT ME A VIDEO. Which is an amazing leap forward for the un techy Sparkle. And is strangely comforting.

The Cheesetown Church Group have materialised from nowhere to send flowers, home baking, and the minister. In that order.

And the messages continue to roll in, from W's home town in NZ, Spain, Eire, from all over Scotland. The pressure is on to fix the funeral date to let so many people arrange travel.

Thanks too for all the supportive comments from my favourite bloggers.