Today we shall not rant about funeral undertakers. I appreciate I have stamped my little foot enough, and ranted, and they ARE doing a necessary job, and IT IS all about the people who will be there.... not the service itself.

I still don't understand why it costs more to stay at the morgue in Leith than it does to stay in the Malmaison hotel down the road (£682 per week if you're interested).
I still think Edinburgh District Council are taking the mick when they want £780 to DIG a grave. Not buy the plot, just DIG it!
I have NO IDEA why on earth it would cost the undertaker £100 just to bring a cardboard coffin 30 miles down the road from Perth.
And I am truly dumbfounded that DOCTORS are so hard up they need to charge £150 a pop to sign the CREMATION Form.

Enough. Enough already. At least the MUSIC will be good. W always said he wanted BB King's "Moving on" played. And he will have.
Love you Wayne