So the scan showed no clot on W's lung - it's just continued deterioration of lung and chest cavity...Okaa-a-ay someone somewhere will know if this is good or bad news. All I know is that ordinarily no one would hear they had deterioration of lung and chest cavity and go "Yippee!" So, you know, we'll just move along for now.

And on Thursday, God did his best to make amends. The sun was splitting through a clear blue sky and Sparkle has arranged a day out at the beach. As well as collecting W plus wheelchair from the hospice she has laid on sticky toffee cake, and cucumber sandwiches - with no crusts. Because, bless her, Sparkle really can do posh.
We have three dogs, a picnic, a deserted beach on the edge of Dalmeny estate and three ostensible adults pretending they are on an Enid Blyton field trip.

On Friday I have a meeting with W's palliative care team, doctors, OT, pharmacists and social workers; it won't be fun. So I'm enjoying the sun while it lasts.