Imaginary Reader: Look Macy person, what's going on here? this W who's dying, what's with him and you?
Macy: Well we were together for 12 years or so, had the cherub child, and split up. It was a Big Mistake and I'm Sorry Now.
And what's W dying of?
Who are you?, someone on NHS 24???? Cancer for heavens sake. It's an angiosarcoma, which has led to tumours in chest and bone.
And what's the states of W?
He's currently in a hospice, but gets out on weekend passes.
To your place?
Yeah - to my place. He has his own flat, and me and half of Queensferry were looking after him there for awhiles, but my place is better now that he needs more care. He gets to see the cherub and his dog here too.
Could he not see dog and cherub at his own place?
Not really now that there's a danger of him suddenly dying. The Cherub's a wee star, but I think he'd get a bit spooked if his dad keeled over dribbling blood.

OK...and what about this Dybbuk person? Did you leave W for him?
No no no no, that was Another Big Mistake and I'm Sorry Now.
Yeah..can't say anymore, because he's threatened to go to the police if I write anything about him....
Yeah shouldn't be writing anything now...
You have a death wish or something??
Urm well maybe more sense than I did three years ago!

OK but are you and W back together again?
No, no no no, just friends who sleep together. As in sleep. For company.

Thanks Macy. All a lot clearer now.