On Thursday W was discharged from the hospice. He's changed his stated preference of place of death from hospice to "home"; by which we mean my home in Cheesetown.

Suddenly there are A LOT of parallels with the film "Truly Madly Deeply" (and apologies for anyone who hasn't seen it, but bear with me anyway). The downside of the return of the "dead" hero to our heroine's flat entails a lot of re-arranging of furniture, rooms crowded with HIS friends, watching of HIS videos and old arguments. All to pretty good comic effect.

With the film being made in the 1980's of course, what it doesn't show is the effect on HER blogging habit.

So, sigh, Desk re-set up in living room....check
PC re-connected to internet...check
Patient sleeping, breathing and in no pain...check
10 minutes before morning drugs needed....check
Dogs walked and fed....check
No visitors, nurses, drug deliveries expected...check