Since last Wednesday W has been back in the hospice. The idea being that under close supervision they can ratchet the pain control up to the max, then bring it down to try and even out the side effects like, er an inability to walk or think clearly.

Weekends, though there are no doctors to experiment further with pain relief, so given my new expertise in administering drugs intravenously and otherwise, there's now reason why W can't get a 24 hour pass out the hospice to have a Saturday night out in Cheesetown... yay we are stoked! We like Saturday nights, and we have loads of stuff we need to cram into the one night.

Man wants a roast dinner. ..As a recovering vegetarian I've never done a roast in my life, however I will throw myself on the mercy of the butcher at Morrisons, who explains how it all works, and where the ready made yorkshire puddings are. My roast is brilliant - I know, I know, but don't take my word for it, ask W or the dogs....

Getting carried away now, I've also done a peach and almond crumble. It's brill, with double cream and everything.

We have the closing episodes of The Wire series one to get through. This is crucial because, as every fule kno, series 4 is the best, so we need to get working through all the episodes before that. Tonight's episodes are cracking stuff - the wipe out of Wallace and arrest of D'Angelo.

Other Saturday night attractions include:-
  • Aloe Vera heat lotion for back massages
  • Cherub on hand to display latest x box game
  • Plenty TEA and BISCUITS for chats into the wee small hours

See, it's not exactly furthest edges of rock and roll or anything, but we can do good times now and again in Cheesetown.

And if party boy can't last all the way through, but needs rushed back to the hospice on Sunday, at least Saturday night was a break.