Edinburgh Equipment Services that is. W is dead - and so he no longer needs the hospital bed, the bedside table, all the other EQUIPMENT, kindly given - and hardly used, he went so fast!!!

The medical equipment, diffusers, oxygen tanks, sharps boxes, suction tanks, all went earlier. Now it's the turn of the homecare equipment. Not wanting to think too hard about this Other People now need it just as much as he did... So EES is coming today at 10am to collect it all.

I'm not going to miss the frame around the toilet (don't ask, if you don't know already, you won't want to know). The bedside table was never that practical, and the hospital bed is a terrible, terrible reminder of the last days, so they can go too.

Luckily (?) W died before they got round to more structural alterations around bannisters and handrails in the ensuite.

But the cherub and I are going to miss that three-way faux leather recliner. It was supplied so that W could find some comfortable position with his back pain, and get out of the chair more easily. Without wanting to be too maudlin, there's a terrible metaphor in here - with us re-arranging the living room to accommodate this chair, and missing it terribly now it's going after too short a time.

Plus, um, well it's comfy.