Because you have to Start Somewhere. And the collection bag from Save the Children has just arrived through the letterbox.

You can do this Macy.

The t-shirts drying on the radiator since Sunday? the clothes he unpacked into the spare drawer? They can all go into the bag. All of them. Don't think about it.
His socks and jeans - still on the chair? Going.

This is easy if you do it quick.

The pyjamas drying on the rack? Going. Bet Save the Children get a lot of stripey pyjamas passed they don't get the Fiji '97 or Vietnam t-shirts though...
Will anyone understand that this is the sweatshirt he wore on his last trip to France with the Cherub? No one will recognise the old blue sweatshirt he's worn for the past 10 years, will they?

Stop it.

The black jumper I bought him three weeks ago, despite him saying he didn't need it? He said it was a great sweater. He wore it constantly. I'm keeping it.
Because if I bury my head in it, it still smells of him; soap, and aloe- vera heat treatment, and W.....

Enough already.