No really - JOCK DOG that is. (Sorry, who'd you think???? Bad joke.. I just liked the title...)

Deep sigh...

SO to re-cap, Jock had been re-homed with the nurse who looked after W during his last days. This was perfect; he couldn't stay here, where despite looking small cute and adorable, he was taking CHUNKS out of Ned. Nurse Laura and her family LOVED Jock to bits, there was a connection with W, and Jock would still be in Cheesetown, so we could keep in touch...


Nurse Laura's cat was having none of it.

After three days of dirty protest from the cat, which was going mental Jock was returned, along with his bed, his meds, and tears from his new family. Who are going to miss him.

Cheeses. Let's make up a sentence with the words "rains", "pours" and "never" in it why don't we..?

So, in a new twist to the funeral yesterday, I managed to slip in a few pleas for a billet for Jock Dog, with W's workmates, the minister, friends.....a disturbing number of whom have developed Allergies to Dogs.

To Be Continued.