Becaue the Extremely Esteemed and Reputable Institue of Edinburgh is so very, very extremely esteemed and etc, it is governed by a series of Boards and Committees.
Oh indeedy.

All of them made up of extremely distinguished and learned academics.
And the most distinguished, prominent and critical of these is the Audit Committee. The very name of which strikes fear into the finance department.
No missing comma, misaligned table, or erroneous page reference escapes these boys' notice. No typo is too insignificant to escape their withering scorn and demands for Immediate Action.

Every quarterly committee meeting means the production of a thick 150 page review document in which the accounts, objectives and strategies of the Institute can be scrutinised in eye pinging detail.
Production of said review document consumes all of the Finance departments waking hours, and nightmares in the weeks preceding.

So you can imagine how the balloon went up when the committee discovered there had been an error between the reviewing and binding of said review document.
And an e-mail someone had left on the printer got bound along with the document.
Between table 6 "FTE equivalents" and 7 "IFRS Restatement of Income" we had
Snorkeling in Canada

I believe the Finance Director may have been summoned to explain this one.