Yes, yes, yes. Been awhile I know, what with the new job, and all the TIME it takes up.Sensible Self: TSK. Time management Macy.

And I keep getting asked how the new job is going. And the trouble is...erm...don't want to say this or anything... but the trouble is it's going great. It's fantastic. It's not about fund valuations, or stock classifications and pricing, or discounted interest rates.
Sensible Self . zzzzzz

Exactly.. You can wake up now....No. It's about conferences, and publications, and urgent issue task forces out in China and Romania. It's about the disciplinary board and big legal cases. It's about the NERDS down on the second floor studying arcane stuff.
Sensible self. Steady there Macy.

I know. I'm like Tigger in a sweet shop.
Sensible Self. Not a good image for the financial controller.

There's the library, with acres of books which I can borrow whenevers.
Sensible Self. You generally do that in a library mind.

They run courses, and I can sit in on them and get copies of the coursework.
Sensible self. Good girl. Remember not to ask any of your OBVIOUS questions won't you?

And did I mention the Nerds? The boffins? The experts in extremely arcane stuff? Nothing I like more than a good discussion of the intricacies of ship insurance, coffee bean futures, and Edinburgh's medical museums.

Sensible self. Yes. Many's the time indeed I've worried abo
ut my ignorance on coffee bean futures..