Yeah, I'd read the lukewarm reviews before I went. Plotless film, ridiculous Disneyland Heaven, Sarandon a waste of space as the glam granny, Jackson's direction lacklustre, yadda, yadda, yadda.

But I went anyway.

I could pretend I went because I'd already read the book and wanted to see the film treatment. Or I could pretend that there was nothing better on.

But I wanted to check out heaven. There was some appeal in trying to imagine what it's like to be dead. I wanted to see how we could imagine the dead watching us. Without going down the horror film route.

And I loved it.

Yes the plot is ridiculous, and slight. Whatever pedants.... I'm watching for the dead still sharing moments with the living; which is done beautifully. And I'm musing on the dead still being around until they feel that they can let go of the world because they won't be forgotten here.

Because I like that idea.

Obviously there's a limited appeal here, but hey the price of a ticket plus popcorn plus paper hankies still works out a lot cheaper than therapy.

They should be showing this at Maggies Centres..