Because I am CONSCIENTIOUS and DILIGENT I am writing down everything I learned from that seminar I went to.
With my boss, Penny.

Obviously the object of the road trip was to learn Matters of Extreme Importance on Arcane Facts. However I also learned en route:-

1. That since Penny lives between two extremely old and respectable private schools, it is impossible to drive to hers without sitting in a traffic jam of Chelsea Tractors for half an hour.
2. That given a small confined space like a Mazda in a traffic jam, my boss can talk for Jesus.
3. That my boss thinks she should have the finance director's job.Because, not only does she know everything and the FD know NOTHING, but the FD is also constantly working from home
4. That the longest the FD has "worked from home " in one stretch is 3 weeks.
5. That it hadn't occurred to my boss to bring directions on how to get to the seminar.
6. That the director of the Department Next Door is two faced.
7. That my own predecessor couldn't add her way out of a paper bag.
8. That my predecessor has, however, been adopted by the two faced director of the Department Next Door, and so instead of being let go, has been promoted.
Over Penny.
9. That my boss doesn't like driving so fast...
10.. Another assistant was made redundant so my predecessor could take over as manger next door....
11. That I should be careful never to get stuck in the lift alone with the Senior Lecturer..I wish
12. That I should ignore that sign for the big Market Town.
13. That nobody likes Liz because.....
14. That, maybe I should have taken that turn off back there for the Big Market Town15. That it doesn't matter if we miss the first half hour of the seminar
16. That the Folk on the Second Floor...