Three weeks in, and I'm well installed at the new job. Get me! I have been issued with my own mug, with the E.E.R.I.E logo on it; I've perfected my voicemail message. I have colonised the shelves behind my desk.
And I've got my PHOTOS on the desk. Nothing like the old photos on the desk routine for breaking the ice is there.
Kurt's wombled over to check them out.

"Nice one. What's your dog's name?"
Oh that's Ned. Well, actually since we moved to the east coast here, he's become Glasgow Ned.

"... Heh heh he. Oh great.. a beancounter with a sense of humour!"

Used to...The joke's worn a bit thin the past couple of years mind you..

"And the kid?"
Oh that's The Cherub! Mind you THAT joke's getting funnier by the day..

"Heh heh. I hate to ask what you call his dad"
Oh.. well he's had his share of name calling in his time..

Yeah. And then he went and died. And that fairly put an end to the funnier ones.

Sorry. I'm going to work on the timing on that one.