Since Wednesday, there has been a distinct lack of sightings of Macy, or Ned for that matter, around the Chesetown area.
Footprints in the snow around the back hill would indicate they have been there - but if so it can only have been before daylight. Which in sideways sleet and snow would be madness...

The Mazda has been gone all through the day. No one is buying the last Guardian or Grazia from Scotmid.

More worryingly, there have been sightings of a Doggie Day Care van coming to remove the Nedster from his home billet each morning. Pedestrians have been able to pass by Macy's front window without sounds of furious barking from within. Postal workers have gone about their business unmolested by a ball of black and white fury hurling itself in their general direction.

Macy has been a no-show at Pilate's classes, Sunday cinemas and book clubs...

It could indicate she has started her New Day Job.
This would go some way to explaining the sudden spike in clothes sales around the Edinburgh area in the past week as Macy has more money to spend.

It wouldn't explain the maniacal cackling from her house late of an evening though.
Not unless conditions were so good at her new billet, and the news from the Big American Bank continues to be so bad. Not unless the latest round of redundancies included some of those on her most hated list.