Saturday evening is going to be the social event of the Summer here in Cheesetown, and I've been invited. My co-dog walker, whom we shall call Petal, also single, also able to remember the 80's, and also living in Chesetown with dog and a dangerous shopping habit, has kindly extended her invite to me and the cherub.

Seriously and all sarcasm aside here, it will be mega, a very alternative bring your own food, and drink wedding. Music will be from musician friends of the couple and anyone who wants to bring along their own instrument, and half of Edinburgh's creative industry people will be there.

The Petal is super stoked "Hey there'll be loads of arty types, we could get boyfriends!!!"

The last "boyfriend" resulted in my back teeth being ground to the bone and a complete loss of trust in psychologists / men over 45 and my own bullshit detector.
The "boyfriend" before that is currently lying in a hospice out at Fairmilehead. We know how that one goes.
All my spare time is spent job hunting / fighting Big American Bank re their stingy redundancy terms and dog walking.
Seriously I need a boyfriend slightly less than I need Anthrax right now.
But it was sweet of her to include me in that kind of world for a whole minute.