SO after thinking about blogging for a year, here I go. Driven to it as a refugee from Maggies Online Community.

Now Maggies is an excellent foundation for anyone affected by cancer. [In fact if you are reading this, and are close to someone with cancer Go To Their Site Now]. Starting a blog on their site after finding out my ex had cancer has been great therapy, but ..I feel a fraud. I don't have cancer. W does, and it's his cancer, and there's only so much I should be writing about it.

And I've got other things to write about too: the Big American Bank who are shortly to make me redundant; my last partner (aka the Dybbuk); clothes; a demented mother; an autistic dog; gossip; my cherubic child who is rapidly descending into teenagerdom.

The View From Macy is a bit too wide ranging for Maggies, so I'm going to have to take my chances here in the big wide grown up blogger world.

To Be Continued - once I figure out all the gizmos that come with a Blogger account here.