Practicing Gratitude Can Increase Happiness by 25%

It must be true! It wouldn't be published on the internetweb if it wasn't would it?

For those people who can't be bothered to click the link, basically listing five things a week to be grateful for results in happiness levels increasing by 25%, energy and optimism increasing.
What's not to like? And frankly, I'm the ultimate test case for this one....

OK here beginneth the experiment... five things to be grateful for per week for the next ten weeks.

Week One
1. The dogs are getting on better than expected. Having had full blown fights on night one, we've now settled down into a peaceable enough routine. Both have no opinions on what to watch on telly, both think I'm great.
2.When I leave the Big American Bank at the end of this week there are some people (they know who they are!) whom I will never have to meet again.
3. I live in an area which has access to broadband. Not amazing speeds by a long chalk, but we do have some kind of string driven broadband.
4.The Wire is being repeated - and this time round I have a Sky HD box which records automatically for me.
5. Madonna is older than me!