More new territory. W is staying at mine now for the first time since late 2002.

This is the SENSIBLE thing since, as he said he can't stand staying at the hospice and isn't really up to cooking for himelf anymore; as I said, old Jock his dog is already here anyway; what neither of us said outloud but were thinking, "who in their right mind would want to be on their own at a time like this?"

So far this houseguest stuff is a breeze. The guest doesn't eat much, is off alcohol and was always good company anyway. Plus he doesn't really overstay his welcome what with only being awake for a couple of hours at a time ...

True there's the small details like remembering he can't undo his own shoes, keeping the epidural line away from the dog when it's playing, and not being able to recycle the sports section immediately I get the paper. But you know that's the small stuff.

And the cherub is dead chuffed his dad's staying over.