OK forget the costs of doggie insurance, vets bills, and replacement carpets. I'm talking about day to day running costs of dogs here. Right now I have two - Ned the border collie who lives here permanently has been joined by Jock W's dog "whilst he's in the hospice".
Now Jock is, to be brutally honest, very old and very stinky. Ned is only 3 and practically perfect, but has been violently sick for the past two days. Chez Macy stinks of dog; you could cut the air in that living room with a knife. So to Tesco's to buy (1) dog food and (2) carpet shampoo and maybe (3) newspaper. That's all.
The cost of this shop???? £37.93
That's right £37.93, I can hardly believe it, but I refer you to the invoice:
  • Dog food = £3.13 (must be cheap, I have a 50p off coupon...)
  • Carpet Cleaner = £2.96 (15p cheaper than Asda apparantly)
  • Dishwasher tablets - £7.00 (HAD to buy these, buy one get one free!!!)
  • Soda water x 3 = £1(great for cleaning stains, I am so thrifty!!! ho, and buy 3 for £1)
  • Hair conditioner x 2 £5 ( fantastic, buy 2 for a fiver, cost of one = £4.40! rip Tesco off for 3.80!)
  • Stationery x 2 £1 (stationery, love stationery, cheap stationery as good as it gets)
  • New scarf £5 (great colour, very trendy, they cost £12 in M&S)
  • T - Shirt £5 (but it's a Wardrobe Essential, it says so on the label)
Chocolate and newspaper..... I know, I know, how Tesco stiffs you, but look, I got CLUBCARD POINTS TOO!