Yea for it is unto this tyme of yeare agan when ye Wyse Woman predicteth all that will come to pass.
First thynge that will come to pass is Wyse Webbe etc will drop the olde englishe stchtick. For it do her head in.
OK that's better.
Second thing that will come to pass is I will skip the usual predictions. Footballer in sex scandal, MP resigns after whatever, imminent closure of major institution, weather hot in summer, cold in winter... yadda yadda yadda, this stuff is ten a penny, and will happen every year. If you want the details on that stuff, well that's what newspapers are for..
No, as the fog and dust from the New Year clears the following has become clear in my wee (dusted) crystal ball. I am seeing Predictions for all those listed on my blog roll....

January will see Charlie winning the first ever Nobel Prize for Blogs.

In March concern will mount as to the sanity of the Vegetable Assassin as she continues to insist that Black Bun is a perfectly edible substance, and the perfect accompaniment to Vodka Martinis

In April, Pat wins a ticket to the Royal Wedding. Her hat is a triumph and is featured in the Daily Mail.

In May, the imminent closure of the Helminthdale Haslett Factory sees demonstrations fronted by none other than Mr Musgrove who is enraged at the cynicism of local government. A certain T Aldous, is heard to mutter pot..kettle..and black...Elsewhere in an astonishing act of solidarity, Scarlet Blue leads a Ladies Sit-in at the Catskill Library. This sit in is largely silent, as would be expected from Scarlet.

By June Rog's new shed is finally completed. Lily and Oz mount a silent protest until they too are given a reclining chair in aforesaid shed.

Over the Summer Mapstew's rendition of Achey Breaky Heart tops the charts throughout Europe. To the despair of his long time fans.

Autumn sees Roses appear in a new daytime chat show, co hosting with Lorraine Kelly. this programme has to be suddenly taken Off Air when Robert Downey Junior appears... Nick replaces Roses...

In November Clyde's horse will win the Melbourne Cup. Despite earlier poor form in the Sydney Autumn races... Clyde himself is on holiday in THAILAND and unavailable for comment.

In December Mme DeFarge is named leader of the British Husky racing team in the forthcoming Arctic Olympics.

Ha! See! Still got it! Further consultations with ye Crystale Ball are available at a small price.
And remember there is a No Money Back Guarantee.