Yes, that's right Scottish Schools this week are announcing the results of the Maths and English GCSE Prelims.

At Last! Although I know it's entirely possible that you are among the other 99.99% of the world who remains unaffected.


Lets have a re-cap.

In December The cherub turned in the most abysmal exam results of his admittedly short, secondary school career. Without even the distinction of being bottom of the class - he managed to be second from the bottom.

Relegation from Credit Maths to General GCSE was on the cards.
In fact with two weeks to the exam it was a pretty sure bet.

At the same time, Global Warming manifested itself in the coldest December since records began. For the best part of two weeks, the Cherub and I were stuck at home.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Together over the course of those two weeks we:
FACED DOWN our fear of indices and root values
GOT TO GRIPS with the parabolic function
WRESTLED with factors
and NAILED factorisation.

No fraction, surd or equation remained UNSIMPLIFIED
No angle remained uncalculated. Hell, armed with sine, cos and tan no radius, area or diameter remained UNINVESTIGATED..
No subject of FORMULA remained unchanged
We spoke the language of VARIATION.

The quadratic equation was OURS.

So, as I was saying, the results of the prelims are in.
The Cherub has miraculously graduated to the top quartile in the class.

I'm taking a bow here.