Check the date! Have you noticed it's BURNS NIGHT already???

BURNS NIGHT!! This means that the countdown to Saturday-Night-After-Burns-Night starts here. Yes, yes, yes - I know there might be some diehards out there toasting a haggis with a wee (grudged, "careful it's a school night") glass of whisky, but obviously the main event will be on Saturday.
Because that's when I'm off to a Burns Night.

So the countdown has started. And there is No Pressure. No Pressure at all... just because in a fit of madness I have volunteered (volunteered??) to cook.
Yes you read that right. I volunteered to cook. Not, thank god, the main event ( it was a controlled madness), I won't be roasting haggis, or bashing neeps... I will only (only?) be Doing the Pudding.
So No Pressure

I will be Doing Pudding for 14 or 15 people. Even though food for any more than three people at one time counts as Mass Catering in my book.
I will be catering for some vegetarians who do not eat gelatin (no jelly) or cheese (no cheesecake), and kids (sigh.. no alcohol or coffee or yukky fruit stuff...), and anything I make will be transported (so that's cardamom creme caramel with filo pastry rolls out of the question then..).
I will also be amongst the company of people who have done a Proper Starter and a Proper Main Course, so cheating and running off to buy shortbread is out of the question..

Like I said No Pressure.
Await further developments....