Indeed, it is a truth universally acknowledged here in Cheesetown that the tale of the Small Boutique Counting House is becoming Dickensian in length if not in scope.

But look ye! The final instalment is here!

Yes having come through the arduous selection process for the Small Boutique etc - and who could forget the first interview, the structured interview, the test presentation, the meeting with the Finance Director, the meeting with a team member, and the battery of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and personality tests?

I Got the Job.

Of course.

So, to bring everyone up to date here, I had a think.

And then I turned them down.

Yup. I had to.

Because the Extremely Esteemed and Revered Institution in Edinburgh (EERIE) offered me a job.

Or to re-phrase it, the Extremely Esteemed and Revered Institution in Edinburgh offered me a fantastic job, doing lots of interesting stuff, and meeting lots of interesting people other accountants. No financial services, lots of real edgy erm accounts stuff. Grand prospects. And I wanted that job.
I wanted that job so badly I told them so in the interview.

And I got it.
Yeah two jobs in the biggest baddest recession since whenever.

Let me give you the full picture. The news came by telephone whilst I was working on W's old PC. I'd gone onto his old Spotify account and was playing the last tunes we'd been listening to. Back in September I'd been trying to convince him that Beyonce was worth listening to. And there I was being told of my fantastic new job, right outside the door to "his" room. And for the first time in a month or so I was sobbing my heart out. Because it felt like karma. Call me an old hippy, call me a trivial deluded fool if you want, but it felt like karma.

So that's what karma looks like: sat on the floor, howling my eyes out, with Beyonce banging away in the background: "All the single ladies....All the single ladies... All the single ladies...All the single ladies", because you are, erm, happy?

Oh and here's a moral too: If you are running a Small Boutique Counting House, don't drag out the recruitment process so the stars go and get interviewed elsewhere in the meantime, hey?