Sensible Self has been on my case for the past week. And since she is SENSIBLE, there is no arguing with her. Worse, since she is a SELF, there is no getting away from that nagging voice either.
Sensible Self: So you are just going to leave the blog there are you Macy?
Macy: Yes.. I thought so.
Sensible Self: Thought so?
Macy: yes, well it would be a good place to leave it and all. What with starting in the pits, then going full circle back to employment and after W.
Sensible Self. Except full circle would bring you back to the pits wouldn't it??
Macy: Pffft.....pedant.

Sensible Self: If you are going to do that big gesture, finish the blog thing, then you should write a big grand closing entry shouldn't you? Closure. Closure would be good.
Macy: Yup.
Sensible Self: So why don't you?
Macy: Oh, you know, I just don't want to. I miss blogging. I miss cruising around all the other blogs out there.... Some of those bloggers have started to feel like friends you know?
Sensible Self: Well you can still read other blogs! Good grief! Since when did reading someone else's blog mean you had to write your own?
Macy: But it wouldn't feel right..... also I miss the WRITING.
Sensible Self: Well you'd better get back to the blog then hadn't you?
Macy: I will, yeah, right, I will!

Sensible Self: Because some Big Stuff has been going down lately, and you wouldn't want anyone to think you're only going to blog when you have some big news to impart.
Macy: Like some drama queen?
Sensible Self: Exactly. Get back to writing. And mention the Forthcoming Attractions.
Macy: Like the Small Boutique Counting House saga?
Sensible Self: That would be a good one to get going on yes.

Macy: Thinking I might resort to the old blue grey format as well....
Sensible Self. Look I'm SENSIBLE. Sensible people do not, by definition CARE about background colour.

Nuff said.