Hey look! The sun's out and there are clear blue skies all over Cheesetown. Up in the woods there are definitely buds on some trees, and snowdrops are starting to poke through.
Ned has forgiven me for last night's shampoo and trim, and is elegantly wafting the scent of Tesco's Vanilla and Peach No Tears Shampoo and Conditioner through the house.
And on the back road between Cheesetown and the nearest M&S Emporium, I am singing along with my pal Lucinda Williams. It's warm enough to get the roof of the Mazda down.
That's how good it is.
I've got a job!
A better job than the one I had before!

And before I need to change the music to Steven Patrick (I was looking for a job and then I found a job/ And heaven knows I'm miserable now) Morrissey, before I need to worry about dog care and child care in the holidays, before the reality of walking the Nedster at half six every weekday morning kicks in, I'm going to enjoy it.

Look it worked out. Lost a stinking job to be there for W though his last months, had the time to look out for Cherub. Got job.