Anyone looking for blog updates recently might have noticed that I have been Very Busy; a small boutique counting house in Edinburgh needs a Funds Accountant. Obviously I am their girl; I just need to re-assure them on that point.

On the first working day on January I went to interview them for the first time. I met Sam and Martin. As usual in a first interview I cover the usual ground, all the years of experience managing funds, yep, and sorting stuff, yup, and looking after people, of course.

And my first interview goes so well I get a second interview. Except that this is a Rigorous Selection Process so first I will:
Meet with another fund accountant at small boutique counting house. She's pregnant. We discuss babies, men, working for them, ah , yes, we bond.
Meet with the Finance Director. He used to work at the same Big American Bank I did. He lasted three months there. We agree we don't like them. Compare notes on who we met there. Yep. I passed that one.
Do a test scenario, where I must make a presentation from a folder of information they have given me 15 minutes earlier. I ad lib wildly. It seems to go well

Finally, two hours after first entering the building, I have a structured interview. When I can see they have run out of paper to take notes, I stop talking.

My recruitment consultant phones the next day to confirm - They Like Me! I have passed the second stage!!! All four stages of the second stage in fact!!

But woah!!! Hold the celebrations....Now there will be a third stage - three test papers to test my numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and personality.

Sweet Baby Cheeses... In my own past life I've agreed to emigrate on less evidence...