Well they've got me again.  This time it's just as an alleged day care patient, but I've been told to "pack an overnight bag just in case".  Yeah well twice in the past month I've dropped into a hospital day ward, and twice they've kept me in for days. Fool me once shame on you, fool me THREE times...tsk.. I'm taking no chances.

This time I are forewarned. I am becoming a veteran bed blocker. This time round, as well as toothpaste and jammies,  my overnight bag will contain the following:-

  • Tonight's dinner in the form of super nice salad.  I have considered a small bottle of chilled wine, but gone with fruit juice...
  • DOUGHNUTS.  You can never have too many doughnuts in hospital. 
  • Phone recharger.  Because as well as keeping everyone updated, the iPhone is going to have to cope as an all round entertainment centre.  I shall be checking blogs as well as doing my online sudoku y'know. Luckily every hospital bed comes well supplied with sockets.
  • Trash magazines. Because at some point my brain will be mulch, and Cheryl Cole's life will suddenly appear more interesting than mine.
  • Perfume. Because hospitals (and the commode  which seems to be permanently parked at the bed next to mine) stink.  I have sufficient stocks of Bergamot and Lime to spray liberally

Back soon, with or without stent...