As part of my individual rehabilitation programme, I've been issued with my very own Heart Manual (Post MI Edition).
It's not as romantic as it sounds...

This is how it works. There is a chapter a week.  Each week I should read a new chapter and learn how to reduce my risk factors by eating healthily, reducing stress and generally leading a righteous life. 

Exercise routines suitable to my level of recovery are given for each week.

As my manual points out, since I've ended up in posession of this manual Someting Has Been Going Wrong. It might be an extremely good plan to quit with the eye rolling and stick to the programme..
In a whole new spirit of total cooperation, therefore, I'm following the manual to the letter.

I'm doing the exercises.

Step 1
Complete exercise routine as follows:-

1. March on spot for 30 seconds
2. Bend knees 5 times
3. Raise arms above head 5 times
4. Step onto bottom stair and back again 5 times
5 Sit on chair and get up with arms crossed 5 times.

Step 2

Step 3
Reassure the dog.  From day ten I should be walking 50 yards from the house.