For day to day heart attacks, there is initial admission to the local hospital, St James.  For more exciting stuff, like major operations and assessments, the neurosurgeries, the cardiothoracics, the transplants and traumas, and er, the angiograms, for the whole ER / Casualty / House stuff, we go to the Royal.
This a big and expensive new centre of excellence, built as part of a private finance initiative in the middle of nowhere.
Being in the sticks, this is the first time I've been near the place since the Cherub and I trailed out to visit Wayne before his first operation. The was just over two years ago.

Here's a picture of the place that brought back a lot of memories.
This hospital gave me a massive lump in my throat.
Which, is probably not a good idea if you're headed in for a spot of light surgery yourself.