Yes, yes, yes. One day (anytime soon in fact), I will have unalloyed Good News to report. The background of the blog will change to a lovely lively pink, I will blog away on such happy topics as the Flowers and Birdsong here in Cheesetown...

But bear with me. We're not there yet.

George has died.

I haven't mentioned George specifically. He was an older guy Ned and I met when we first moved over here. Like us he was out walking most mornings. He was from London originally, but had fairly settled into Cheesetown. Quiet, laid back, loads of friends round about the place.
He liked Ned, though he worried about him everytime he ran off after rabbits. Bit of a health and safety guy, old George.

First I heard about it was from Petal.. She was upset, what with George and her being together for over 9 years.

It was a tumour. Massive tumour. The vet said it was kindest to let him sleep.

That's the trouble with dogs. You get attached to them - even the ones that aren't your own. Mornings aren't the same without old boxer dog George to worry after Ned.

Sleep tight George.