Naples.  And  I'm sat on the bus from the airport doing some rough calculations It's nearly 15 years since I last landed in Italy.
Last time it was in Sicily. I was with Wayne and we had an 18 month old cherub in tow.  We landed in Palermo Sicily; our plane had been delayed, our luggage had got lost and we were driving a rented car through the rush hour traffic.
The Cherub was still in nappies, and with the luggage lost I estimated we had 12 hours until meltdown.
I was fretting about the nappy situation.
Wayne was blaming me for directing him the wrong way down a one way street.  Things were was going badly, and I was swearing that I would never ever, not in this life or the next, drive through Italian traffic.

But the Cherub was a joy.
He loved his kiddyseat, up high in the back of the car, he loved the oncoming flood of headlights.  Turns out all he'd really wanted in life so far was the sound of 500 car horns tooting loudly around us.

How could you argue with this happy wee chappy in the back seat?

Turns out things have changed a lot in the intervening years.  I've got him loads of oncoming Italian traffic complete with tooting horns and flashing lights... and all the Cherub can focus on is that we're lost.

We're on the wrong bus.... we're headed in the wrong direction... my navigation skills have been found wanting again....