No, really! It's possible! I've just done it! You really can  book a holiday by accident.

Watch's the recipe..

Start with one large part of self pity. O poor wee me.. used to travel, used to do stuff.. stuck here, best years of my life ebbing out. blah blah and yaddaDon't have any self pity?  Have some of mine.  No really. I've got plenty..

OK now add alcohol to the self pity. White wine always works for me, but apparently whisky or gin is quicker....

While you're waiting for the alcohol to kick in, fire up the PC and start trawling through  a cheap travel website.

You'll find it.  You'll find the holiday which is
(a) unbelievably cheap
(b) actually still on offer during the school holidays
(c) somewhere new, and unexplored, and somewhere you should see
(d) really, really, cheap

You can always find these holidays when Under the Influence.
No.  I have no idea why you can't find them when sober.

Now for the last and final piece of the jigsaw, what you really need is to live near to a provincial airport *, an airport which has so few direct flights to anywhere interesting that finding a direct flight to my cheap holiday destination of choice means that I Have To Click.  This is a sign! I am destined! I can do this!

See.  Just bought a holiday by accident.

Last minute....

To Naples.


*Don't tell Alec, but Edinburgh International is a wee bit provincial